How do I choose a surgeon for my butt augmentation?

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Butt augmentation procedure is a complex and major plastic surgery procedure performed on patients who need an improvement in the size and shape of their buttocks. There are two options available when it comes to augmenting the butt: fat transfer and gluteal implants. Different patients will require different procedures, depending on their morphological characteristics and what they want to achieve with the surgery.

In trying to achieve satisfactory results after butt augmentation, an important part is choosing the right plastic surgeon to play out the procedure. By getting a respectable and experienced plastic surgeon, you ensure your chances of achieving spectacular results.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose a plastic surgeon for the butt augmentation procedure. What defines a good plastic surgeon for butt augmentation? 

  1. Board-certification and experience

Lately, you might notice that different plastic surgeons specialize in certain types of procedures while others still perform all types of procedures in the field of plastic surgery. Before anything else, the plastic surgeon for your procedure should be board-certified and experienced. What does this mean? The certification from the board of Plastic Surgeon’s Association in the United States can be earned only after hundreds of hours of extensive studies and performing hundreds of hours in operating rooms. This means that if a plastic surgeon is board-certified, chances are he has plenty of experience in performing plastic surgery.

But aside from the certification, you should also look for hands-on experience performing the exact procedure you are interested in – the butt augmentation procedure. If the plastic surgeon performs this procedure routinely, he should have before and after pictures of patients undergoing the procedure under his care. Plastic surgeons who do butt augmentation routinely will probably have these pictures on their sites available for you to check during the pre-operative consultation.

Keep in mind that experience in performing the exact procedure you are interested in is essential for the success of your procedure and to avoid unwanted complications that can occur. A surgeon who did a facelift on your friend and surprised you with spectacular results is not necessarily the right choice for your butt augmentation. The structure of the buttocks is complex, and a successful surgery in this area requires a surgeon with a deep understanding of the aesthetics of the butt.

  1. Honest and open communication

Honest and open communication with your plastic surgeon is essential for achieving good results. During the pre-operative consultation, you will need to talk about your medical condition, past surgeries, and even current medication and allergies. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing these things with the plastic surgeon, then you need to think of a plan B and choose someone else. The plastic surgeon should be approachable and not make judgments regarding your expectations or lifestyle choices.

  1. Listens to your desires and reasons for undergoing surgery

Just as important as being able to talk to the plastic surgeon is him listening attentively to what you have to say. The plastic surgeon should allow you to discuss your desires and listen to you properly. Plastic surgery is not a one size fits all; each procedure can be customized to fit the needs or expectations of the patient. But for this level of customization to give good results, it requires the plastic surgeon to collaborate with the patient effectively. I had many patients for revision surgery on the buttocks because their first plastic surgeon did not listen to them. They wanted to get certain results, but the plastic surgeon didn’t listen or thought he knew best. Hence, the results were not up to the expectations of the patients.

Plastic surgery has many variations. What could be deemed as a spectacular result for one patient is barely noticeable or unworthy of the trouble for another. When choosing the plastic surgeon for your butt augmentation, make sure that your desires are heard and your reasons for undergoing the procedures discussed as well.

  1. Performs procedures in an accredited medical facility

So many people are attracted by the cheaper costs of undergoing procedures in shady hotel rooms. This is never a good option and what you are doing is playing Russian roulette with your appearance and health. A responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will put the patient’s wellbeing at the top of his priority list, and the procedures will only be performed in accredited medical facilities where a team of medical staff is there to help the patient and immediately take care of any complications that can occur. Also, the plastic surgeon should work with a board-certified anesthetist considering the fact that butt augmentation is often performed with the patient under general anesthesia.

  1. Patients with similar characteristics

If you have seen before and after pictures with other patients, it is a good first step and a testimony that your surgeon is experienced in performing the procedure you want to have. But even better than this would be seeing before and after pictures of patients with similar morphologic characteristics as yours. This way you can get a glimpse of what potential results to expect after butt augmentation.


Choosing the plastic surgeon for the butt augmentation procedure can be a difficult task; however, it is one of the most important steps that count towards the success of your procedure. A responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will help you achieve satisfactory results and also avoid risks and complications. Keep in mind that the procedure can entail complications that can’t be avoided, despite the experience and knowledge of the plastic surgeon. Board certification, the ability to listen to the patient, and showing before and after pictures of past patients are just a few of the things that you should look for when looking for a plastic surgeon for butt augmentation.

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