Klexius Kolby Every Bride Favorite Make-up Artist.

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Klexius Kolby every Bride Favourite Make-up artist.

Having an experience of more than three decades, Klexius Kolby has completed numerous make-up assignments of Hollywood celebs and Bridals too.

We all know the importance of Make-up today in our lives, and it is related to both genders.

Makeup is not about girls, brides and all even today’s man use Makeup.

Makeup in routine life to look perfect and presentable.

Role of Make-up artist is very tired as he or she has to work day and night and listen to every client’s needs and in that, they have to show their talent by giving their own touch.

When we are talking about make-up artists today, we will talk about a renowned name of this industry: Klexius Kolby, a famous make-up artist, a legend master of many styles.

He is a thorough professional; he is a top name among all his clients and the thing that makes Klexious Kolby the most reliable in the industry is that he has tremendous knowledge about make-up. Besides this, the artist also comes up with new looks for her / his clients.

With endeavoring the best looks, he is the most popular name when it comes to bridal make-up. Klexius Kolby has his own team of professional make-up artists and hairstylists who provide services for weddings in the USA. 

Speaking about his style, he is very natural when it comes to make-up and hairstyling he still gives you a modern and contemporary look to any girl or boy or any age person. His experience in this field is so much that he just look at the face and make-up his mind what will look cool on the client’s face. He makes a face prettier than the most make-up artist, and that’s the reason for his success.

Klexius Kolby loves to experiment with things he never stuck to one thing; yes, he has his signature style though. You can definitely say Klexius Kolby will do a perfect Bride with make-up.

He has worked with the biggest names Madonna, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Carmen Electra, Lenny Kravitz, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, Shakira and many others.

His landmark achievements include winning the 1995 VH-1 Video Fashion “Best Makeup” award for Janet and Michael Jackson’s “Scream” music video. In 2002, he was again recognized at the MVPAs (Music Video Production Awards), winning “Best Makeup ” for his design work on Janet Jackson’s “Son of A Gun” [along with Billy B. and Fran Cooper], and also “Best Special Effects Makeup” for Aerosmith’s “Jaded”.

Klexius was also nominated for his work on Madonna’s 2001 Drowned World Tour HBO special. Other widely recognized examples of his work can be seen in numerous music videos, such as Marilyn Manson’s “Dope Show”, Nelly Furtado’s “I’m Like A Bird”, “Slave” with Britney Spears, and Pink’s “Just Like a Pill”. Make-up artist west Hollywood CA.

Klexius Kolby is not only famous in Hollywood; he is the first name when it comes to marriages. Klexius Kolby is every Brides Favourite Make-up artist.

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