Weight loss after breast lift


The breasts are among the most important aesthetic areas of the female body. As such, women are extremely conscious about the appearance of their breasts. They desire to have youthful, perky, and raised breasts. Unfortunately, there are many factors that affect the looks of the breasts. Pregnancy, weight loss, genetic factors, breastfeeding, and gravity are among the leading factors that lead to the development of saggy breasts.

The good news is that the breast lift can effectively treat saggy breasts. The procedure can raise your breasts and nipples, making them look perky, firmer, youthful, and sexy. But some factors can affect the results of the procedure if the patient is careless after getting a breast lift. Weight loss after the surgery is one of those factors. When you lose weight, it can affect the achieved results and the shape of the breasts.

The breast lift

You should know how the surgery is performed so that you can better understand how weight loss may affect the breasts after the operation. The breast lift has surpassed the breast implant procedure to become the second most popular cosmetic procedure in the US. Hundreds of thousands of women get the breast lift every year to enhance their breasts and body outline.

If your breasts are saggy and you desire to restore your firmer breasts, you may consider getting a breast lift. While you feel the need to get a breast lift, a board-certified plastic surgeon can tell you for sure whether the procedure can help you overcome the aesthetic flaws in your breasts and restore your self-esteem.

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and determine your candidacy for the procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will decide the breast lift approach best for you during the consultation session. The technique suitable for you depends on the extent to which your breasts are saggy and your aesthetic goals and expectations.

The plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts. The types of incisions differ from patient to patient. After making the incision, the surgeon will access the breast muscle. Keep in mind that it is not only the skin that makes the breasts saggy but also the muscles. When the muscles become weak or separate from each other, it causes the breasts to lose their elasticity and hence become saggy. The doctor will tighten and repair the breast muscles so that they are firmer again.

In the next step, the surgeon will reposition the nipples if they are loose and pointed downward. The surgeon will remove them and implant them higher on the breasts where they look perky and youthful. Next, the surgeon will trim the areola skin to make it smaller in case it has enlarged. Furthermore, the surgeon will remove any excess fat from the breasts, in addition to removing the excess skin. In the last step, the doctor will re-drape the remaining skin and suture and close the incisions.

While your breasts will appear aesthetically appealing immediately after the surgery, the results will look different after the swelling has disappeared and your breasts have recuperated from the surgical trauma. It can take many weeks and months for this to happen.

Weight loss after the surgery

Weight loss after the breast lift is a leading factor that affects the aesthetic results. Weight gain increases the volume of fat in your body, including the breasts. On the other hand, weight loss leads to the reduction in the amount of your body fat, including the breasts. Weight loss is among the chief factors that trigger the development of saggy breasts. When you lose considerable weight, it shrinks the fat in your breasts and other body areas. When the fat is lost from the breasts, the breasts become saggy because of the vacuum created by the fat shrinkage.

Weight loss after breast lift will affect the breasts in the same way as it does before the surgery. What this means is that when you lose weight after the breast lift, the fat volume in your breasts will decrease. As a result, your breasts will become saggy and loose again even though you have gotten a breast lift. When this happens, you will be required to undergo a revision surgery that may involve removal of more skin from your breasts.

Effects of weight loss on the results of breast lift

During the recovery period, patients will be told to take sufficient rest and stick to a healthy and balanced diet. When you eat healthy foods, it helps you recover quickly and safely. It can also help to stabilize your weight. The results of the breast lift will slowly transpire in the weeks and months following the operation. After some months, your breasts will appear beautiful, firmer, and youthful.

The primary recovery comprises the first two weeks following the operation, whereas complete recovery takes six weeks. Many patients wonder how will weight loss affect the results of the breast lift. As mentioned above, weight loss triggers shrinkage of the fat in your breasts. When the fat shrinks, it can reverse the results achieved with the breast lift. In other words, the firmer and raised breasts will become saggy and loose again.

This is the reason why plastic surgeons always advise patients to avoid massive weight loss and instead keep their weight stable. You can keep your weight stable by avoiding activities that may lead to weight loss, such as diet. You can do exercises six weeks after the surgery; however, do not combine it with diet. Many patients make the mistake of losing weight after the breast lift. They assume that weight loss will further enhance their aesthetic appearance.

If you want to enhance your aesthetic appearance, you should lose weight before the breast lift, instead of after the surgery. Even when you lose weight before the surgery, your weight must be stable at the time of the operation. Losing weight after the surgery will only affect the achieved results in negative ways. It will not do any good to your aesthetic appearance.

How weight loss can affect your body anatomy

The breast lift’s direct benefit is that it makes the breasts firmer and youthful. However, the procedure also comes with indirect benefits. The improvements in your breasts can help your breasts by taking your other body features into account. The surgeon will make sure your breasts are in tune with your body silhouette and anatomy. When a balance is achieved between your breasts and other body areas, your overall body definition will get a boost.

Now, you can easily understand how weight loss can affect your body outline and definition. Weight loss affects the anatomy of the breasts, making them saggy and poorly shaped again. As a result, the breasts lose the balance created between the breasts and body during the breast lift. When this occurs, the patient’s body outline will be affected in negative ways. The breasts and body will no longer be aesthetically in tune. To maintain the improvements achieved in your body outline and breasts, you must keep a stable weight after the breast lift.

Keep your weight stable

Any board-certified plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid massive weight loss after the breast lift. Keep in mind that you are undergoing the breast lift to improve the aesthetic appearance of your breasts, which can enhance your body outline as well. If you want to retain the achieved results, you need to be ready for a lifestyle change.

A poor lifestyle after the surgery can lead to loss of the achieved outcomes. You should avoid diet, even though you may continue exercise. Diet can lead to weight loss, which will reverse the results of the breast lift. When the results are lost, the patient’s breasts will look poorly shaped again and will be required to undergo revision surgery to get back the lost results.


Weight loss is a powerful factor that can affect the outcomes achieved with the breast lift. The breast lift effectively enhances saggy breasts, but many factors can affect the results, including weight loss. Weight loss shrinks the fat in your breasts, which causes the breasts to sag again after the surgery. To avoid this condition and sustain the results of the breast lift, you must prevent massive weight loss after the surgery. Be sure to eat a balanced and healthy diet and avoid dieting and other activities that lead to a considerable weight loss.