The downsides of having excessively large breasts


Women from around the world dream about having big, round, perky breasts, but most of them don’t know what the downsides are. A backache, dermatological issues, difficulties in performing physical exercises, and even sex are just a few of them.

Women with small breasts don’t understand how it feels to have a burden on the chest at all times that prevents you from doing certain things considered normal and easy by a vast majority of people. There are plenty of downsides associated with having overly large breasts, and this is the reason why breast reduction surgery is so in demand nowadays and why a responsible plastic surgeon will advise patients seeking breast augmentation with implants to go for a moderate size instead of huge breasts.

In this article, we will discuss the downsides of having excessively large breasts and the procedure that is used to correct the size and volume of the breasts.

Huge is not necessarily sexy

The breasts are indeed the symbol of femininity and sex appeal, and both men and women find them sexy when they have a certain size and shape and position on the chest wall. However, despite what most people might think, huge breasts are not necessarily sexy, and sometimes just the opposite might be true. Even when considering sexual intercourse, overly large breasts can pose real issues and can be difficult to maneuver, and certain positions can be painful for the woman as lying on overly large breasts never feels comfortable.

Aside from this, there is also the matter of the appearance of the breasts. While huge breasts achieved with the help of plastic surgery can have a perky appearance, natural breasts that are excessively large are almost always sagging low on the chest wall. The breasts will have a wide base and look like bags hanging from the chest down the abdominal wall. Their appearance gets more unsightly with the passing of time and is negatively affected by pregnancies or weight fluctuations. In other words, huge breasts that are natural don’t have the perfect round, ball-like shape that you see in movies and magazines of women who had their breasts done by a plastic surgeon.

The reality is that women who have excessively large breasts caused by the overdevelopment of the mammary gland tissue very rarely feel sexy because of the volume of their breasts. Often, they are more concerned with the other negative aspects of having large breasts.

Back pain

Many of the women confronted with overly large breasts complain about chronic back pain. The weight of the breasts is much like a burden that is pressing on the chest and forcing the spine. Moreover, the pressure of the breasts on the spine can also lead to an abnormal body posture that will cause even more pain. Many teenage girls who are confronted with breast hypertrophy tend to hide their breasts by pushing the shoulders forward and the chest inward. In time, the abnormal position becomes permanent, making the whole silhouette look unappealing and somehow like a hunchback.

The pain can also be present in the neck and the shoulders. Overly large breasts need a lot of support and a certain level of compression, but these are difficult to find in a normal bra. A patient with large breasts will either end up paying much more money for a bra that doesn’t even look very sexy or use bras that are not a perfect fit. There are often deep dents in the shoulders made by the straps of the bra and also marks under the breasts made by the band of the bra. Not only is this not sexy, but it can even be painful.

Difficulties in performing physical exercise

Often, teenage girls with overly large breasts get exempted from PE class. Performing sports or other physical activities is not only uncomfortable, but it can even be associated with a certain level of pain in the breasts and/or back. Patients with big breasts will avoid any circumstances in which physical activities are normal, and because of this, weight gain can occur. To be able to engage in physical activities, the woman needs to find a bra that can offer the right level of support and compression as it is not comfortable or even possible to jog or play sports with your breasts jumping all over the place.

This is the reason why you will never see a professional athlete with overly large breasts. You just can’t get to a professional level in sports while dealing with overly large breasts. Hence many women with large breasts that are active in the sports field choose to undergo breast reduction even at the early stages of their career. Among them, Simona Halep, the Romanian tennis player, declared on multiple occasions that her results started to improve considerably after having breast reduction surgery.

Women with excessively large breasts will also be dealing with a lot of sweating when performing physical activities, much more compared to a woman with normal breasts. This is normal. However, it is not necessarily very pleasant for the woman. Difficulties in breathing can also occur very shortly.

The nightmare of buying clothes and lingerie

Let’s face it: most lingerie made today targets women with small breasts who want their breasts to look bigger. Hence, we have push-ups of all kinds, balconettes, and other types of bras that are either designed to make a lot of cleavage with little breasts or make the breasts look like they are spilling over the edges of the bra. None of these looks are desirable for a woman with overly large breasts. Moreover, big breasts need a lot of coverage. Otherwise, they won’t get the support they need. Bras for women with overly large breasts are rarely pretty, and if they do look sexy, it often means they cost a fortune. Because of this, many women with big breasts wear sports bras all their lives, sometimes even when they sleep.

Things don’t look as bright in the clothes department either. Often the breasts are in such a big disproportion with the rest of the body that the patient would need to wear a couple of sizes more in tops than in pants or skirts. Often, women with overly large breasts wear plus size clothes to hide the breasts or very stretchy clothes that are able to accommodate the breasts. 

Sagginess of the breasts

Naturally large breasts are rarely very sexy, especially after a certain age when factors such as gravity, multiple pregnancies, and the natural aging process have left their mark on them. Overly large breasts have the tendency to sag much sooner compared to breasts of a smaller size. This means that we can have a teenage girl with a normal weight but with overly large, sagging breasts. The volume of the breasts causes the ligaments supporting the mammary gland to relax in time. As a result, the breasts start sagging on the chest wall. In other words, perkiness is rarely a characteristic of overly large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery

In certain cases when breast hypertrophy is considerable and the woman finds that the quality of her life suffers because of the volume and weight of the breasts, breast reduction surgery is advised. The procedure entails the removal of the mammary gland tissue that is in excess, as well as the fat and skin tissue associated with it. The procedure should only be performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility or hospital as it is one of the most difficult and complex procedures that can be performed on the breasts. The results of the procedure are not only in terms of the aesthetics of the body but also the functionality of the patient. After the procedure, the patient can do things that were impossible or very difficult before, such as running, engaging in physically demanding activities, and so on.


Breast reduction surgery will make the breasts more proportionate to the rest of the patient’s anatomy. Hence there will be a visible improvement in the patient’s overall body image. An increase in self-esteem and self-image often follow breast reduction surgery. Make sure to get all the information about the potential complications and the long-term consequences of the breast reduction surgery before scheduling. The pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon gives you the opportunity to find the details from a good source.