Maximizing the results after the Wonder breast lift


Women look aesthetically welcoming due to their unique physical features. The breasts play a crucial role in differentiating women from men. They signify the femininity and fertility of women, besides defining their physical appearance. When aesthetic problems kick in the breasts, they cause emotional discomforts for women. Most women are naturally sensitive to the appearance of their breasts, which is why they might feel lower self-confidence due to such aesthetic flaws.

One of the common problems that affect the female breast is sagging. The breasts become saggy due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight changes, aging, gravity, and other factors. Fortunately, the Wonder breast lift can effectively enhance the breasts, making them firmer and youthful again. It is an advanced type of the traditional breast lift. There are certain things that the patient can do to maximize the results of the Wonder breast lift.

 What is the Wonder breast lift?

It is essential to understand the Wonder breast lift so you know how you can maximize the results. The Wonder breast lift is not the same as the traditional breast lift. It involves the use of different modern techniques and the complete reshaping of the breasts. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts and then rearrange the structure of the breasts so they are lifted and firmer. This involves reorganizing the breast tissues and tightening the breast muscles.

If there are excess fat in the breasts, the surgeon will remove the fat. The doctor will then use your chest wall muscles, ligaments, and skin to suture the newly lifted breasts. The traditional breast lift relies only on the skin to suture the breasts. When the breasts are sutured, the surgeon will excise any remaining skin and then close the incisions.

Even though the results of the Wonder breast lift are far better and more effective than that of the traditional breast lift, specific factors may affect the results. This is true mainly when the patient is not careful. You can do many things to maximize the results and make them last for a lifetime. Below are the things you can do to make it possible.

Select your plastic surgeon carefully

The results of any plastic surgery procedure depend on the plastic surgeon to a greater extent. When the surgeon is experienced and board-certified, you can expect that the results of the surgery will be maximum. When it comes to the Wonder breast lift, not all experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons can perform the operation. It is vital for the patient to make it sure the surgeon is highly experienced in the Wonder breast technique, besides being board-certified.

During the pre-operative consultation, ask the plastic surgeon about his or her experience with the Wonder breast lift. Ask them to show you before and after pictures of patients they have treated for the Wonder breast lift. However, keep in mind that the Wonder breast lift is not the same as the regular or standard breast lift. You should do your research on the plastic surgeon and select him carefully. When you do this, you can be rest assured that the results will be maximized.

Share your complete health history with the doctor

If you have health problems, it can affect the results of the Wonder breast lift. During the pre-operative consultation, be sure to share your complete medical history with the plastic surgeon. Doing so will reduce the risks and maximize the results. Many people have a weak immune system. As such, they catch infections easily after the surgery. The infection can cause the surgical wounds to split. As a result, the achieved results will be affected and poor scarring may happen. If you have a weak immune system or any other health problem like diabetes or skin disease, you must discuss it with the plastic surgeon.

Avoid considerable weight fluctuations

Weight fluctuation is among the primary factors that cause the breasts to sag. When you experience weight changes after the surgery, it can reverse the achieved results, causing your breasts to sag again. When you gain weight, your breasts will expand due to fat accumulation. If the weight gain is constant, it will make your skin elastin weaker. When you experience weight loss after weight gain, your breast skin will fail to recoil back to its original position. As a result, the breasts will become saggy again and you will be required to get another breast lift to fix the problem. You must avoid considerable weight changes after the surgery because doing so maximizes the results of the Wonder breast lift. Keep your weight stable, and the results will stay intact and serve you in the long run.

Avoid getting pregnant

Pregnancy is yet another major factor that can reverse the results achieved with the Wonder breast lift. During pregnancy, your body experiences hormonal changes, which takes the form of physical changes. The breasts expand during pregnancy. If your skin quality is weak, the elastin will be damaged and the breasts will not go back to their pre-pregnancy shape after pregnancy. Also, breastfeeding will make the breast sagging worse.

To maximize the results of the Wonder breast lift, you must undergo surgery only when you no longer want to get pregnant. If you plan to have more children, you should avoid the Wonder breast lift until you are done with having children. After the Wonder breast lift, do not get pregnant. In case you are already pregnant after the surgery, the results will be lost and you will be required to undergo a corrective procedure.

Wear support bras

After the Wonder breast lift, you will be required to wear support bras for some weeks. Some patients ignore this advice. As a result, the results of the operation get reversed or stay at a minimum level. The support bra provides support to the newly contoured breasts, besides expediting the healing process and reducing the post-operative swelling. When the patient doesn’t wear the support bras, the breasts will not get enough support to stay in place until they heal. As a result, the outcomes will not be effective and sustainable.

To maximize the results of the Wonder breast lift, the patient must wear the support bras for the time recommended by the plastic surgeon. When your breasts heal and the results become effective, the surgeon will then tell you to stop wearing the support bras and instead wear your regular bras.

Take sufficient rest

During the recovery period, the patient must take sufficient rest. It is essential to provide the breasts enough time to heal and recover from the procedure. The surgery is highly invasive and traumatic. As such, the patient is required to stay in bed during the first two weeks following the operation. After the second week, you may resume work. However, you must be careful doing physical activities for six weeks after the surgery. Most of the swelling will subside during the first three weeks after the surgery. The results will also gradually become visible during this time.

Avoid physically strenuous activities

Doing physically strenuous activities during the recovery period can minimize the achieved results. The plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid physically demanding activities for six weeks following the operation. When the patient engages in physically strenuous activities, it can result in wound splitting, which can in turn cause infection, bleeding, and abnormal scarring. The breasts will fail to be firmer and youthful. The results will be lost or become unsustainable. The scars will be more prominent, which will look aesthetically unappealing.

Take the prescribed medications

If required, the plastic surgeon will prescribe medications after the surgery. For example, you may get a prescription to avoid possible infections, especially when your immune system is weaker. Also, you will be required to take pain medications and depending on whether you have any health issues, the doctor may prescribe specific medicines. It is essential for the patient to take the prescribed medication on time and according to the instructions of the doctor. Not doing so will affect your health and the results. For example, if you have a weaker immune system and ignore taking the prescribed antibiotics, you may contract an infection, which will not only affect your health but also minimize the achieved results.


The Wonder breast lift is a modern type of breast lift surgery that effectively enhances saggy breasts by making them firmer, beautifully contoured, and youthful. Developed by Dr. Wilberto Cortes, it involves the use of unique surgical techniques and artistry to sculpt saggy breasts. You can maximize the results of the procedure by taking specific measures. These measures have been explained above.