Is plastic surgery a solution for everyone?


Plastic surgery is not a solution for everyone; however, it is a solution for many people. Your body image and aesthetic qualities have a great impact on your quality of life. There have been a number of studies that have indicated a close relationship between improvement in the quality of life and plastic surgery. For those people who are unhappy about certain features, aesthetic flaws, or shortcomings in their bodies, plastic surgery can be a great help.

The trend of having a shapelier body is causing many women to feel insecure and experience lower self-esteem because they are not identifying with the trend. This is particularly true for women who are image-conscious. Plastic surgery can help restore their self-esteem. However, there are a number of prerequisites for plastic surgery. In order to be a good candidate for any type of plastic surgery procedure, the patient must be in good physical and mental health.

Health considerations

Your health and life are more important than your physical appearance. In order to be a good candidate for plastic surgery, you need to be in overall good physical and mental health. If you are suffering from serious health issues, plastic surgery is not a good solution for you. There are many patients who think of plastic surgery as a simple and risk-free method to enhance their bodies. In reality, plastic surgery is a major operation and entails a number of risks and side effects.

The risks of plastic surgery are greater for patients who are suffering from health complications. Plastic surgery involves incisions and surgical trauma like other operations. The risks associated with plastic surgery include blood clotting, excessive bleeding, infections, seroma, hematoma, skin death, change in or loss of skin sensation, poor wound healing, nerve damage, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, unpleasant scarring, anesthetic reactions, and internal organ damage. There are other risks that are unique to each procedure.

If you have diabetes, you are more at risk of infection and poor wound healing. If your diabetes is chronic and you want to enhance your physical appearance, plastic surgery is not a solution for you because your health is far more important than your body aesthetics. Likewise, if you have a blood disorder, the surgery can be risky for you. Other health issues that may affect your candidacy for the intervention include heart diseases, lungs diseases, hypertension, and autoimmune disorders.

Whether or not plastic surgery is a solution for you will be decided during the consultation session. The plastic surgeon will thoroughly assess your health and discuss the risks with you. If the risks are greater than the benefits, plastic surgery is not a good solution for you. Furthermore, if you are a smoker and not ready to stop smoking before the surgery, you will not be a good candidate for the procedure. The same holds true for certain medications. You should make sure to discuss your complete health, medication, and lifestyle history with the doctor during the initial consultation. Doing so would save you from life-threatening risks during or after the procedure.

Aesthetic goals and expectations

Plastic surgery is a solution for those who have realistic, reasonable, and achievable aesthetic goals and expectations. There are many people who think of plastic surgery as something like a miracle or magic that would transform them into a celebrity or star overnight. This is an absolutely unrealistic, unreasonable, and unachievable expectation.

There is no doubt that plastic surgery can help enhance your body aesthetics; however, your goals must be realistic. The intervention does not change you into another person. It simply enhances the target areas in your body so your body can look youthful and attractive. In simple words, plastic surgery makes you look better instead of making you look like another person.

There are many patients who come to me with pictures of their favorite celebrities, saying they want to appear like them. I always encourage them to be themselves because everyone is beautiful and unique. A few tweaks through plastic surgery will go a long way toward beautifying their body. For example, plastic surgery can make your butt fuller and shapelier, but it cannot make you appear like Kim Kardashian in every respect.

Also, there is never a guarantee that plastic surgery would deliver you the desired aesthetic features in entirety. While the plastic surgeon will try his best to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, you may not always be satisfied with the results. These are the reasons why plastic surgeons always encourage patients to keep their expectations realistic.

Self-esteem considerations

Plastic surgery is a solution for you if your aesthetic appearance is affecting your self-esteem in negative ways. Board-certified plastic surgeons always encourage patients to go under the knife only if their physical appearance results in lower self-esteem or affects their quality of life. There are many people who have many aesthetic flaws and shortcomings in their body; however, they don’t feel embarrassed or insecure or experience lower self-confidence. If you are one such person, you should avoid plastic surgery.

As human beings, most of us are highly sensitive about our body image. For example, most women feel embarrassed when they develop stubborn pockets of fat in different areas of their body. It makes their body appear poorly contoured. The same holds true for women who develop a saggy abdomen due to pregnancy, aging, or other factors. Then there are some beauty standards set by celebrities and pop culture. Many people feel the urge to identify with those standards and trends.

There have already been many studies on the connection between plastic surgery and self-esteem. Most studies have concluded that plastic surgery plays a powerful role in restoring the self-confidence of people who are suffering due to their body issues. However, it is important to take your health and the associated risks of the intervention into account when considering plastic surgery to restore your self-esteem.

Plastic surgery addiction

There are many patients who are addicted to plastic surgery. They are never satisfied with their body image even after going under the knife a dozen times. If you have already undergone more than two plastic surgery procedures and are still not happy with your body, plastic surgery is not a solution for you.

Plastic surgery addiction is a prevailing problem. It happens as a result of a cognitive condition called body dysmorphic disorder — a mental condition in which the patients become highly obsessed with illusory flaws in their appearance. In order to overcome the imaginary aesthetic flaws in their bodies, the patients undergo plastic surgery on a continuous basis but are never happy with the results.

Given that there are serious risks and side effects associated with plastic surgery, going under the knife many times can be life-threatening for a person. If you feel like you are addicted to plastic surgery, you should seek help for diagnosis of any disorder that might be compelling you to go under the knife.

Plastic surgery and success in life

Some studies have indicated that plastic surgery helps individuals succeed in life. Well, it might not be as simple as it sounds. There is no denying that plastic surgery can help you succeed in different fields of your life; however, it will happen only if your aesthetic conditions and self-esteem issues are keeping you from going forward in your professional, social, and personal life.

A large number of people are undergoing plastic surgery to boost their career prospects. Studies also indicate that plastic surgery helps professionals excel in certain professions, particularly where they are in direct contact with clients or customers. For example, salespeople can enhance their career through plastic surgery procedures.

No doubt, if you look physically welcoming, you can climb the corporate ladder quite easily because people associate your physical looks with your internal abilities and skills.

Plastic surgery and intimacy

Certain plastic surgery procedures can spice up your intimate life. For example, bigger and shapelier butts and breasts are associated with femininity and fertility. Men have a natural tendency to prefer mating with women who have bigger behinds and noticeable breasts. Studies also indicate that women with these physical qualities produce intelligent and healthy babies. If your butt or breasts are smaller or flatter, plastic surgery procedure like butt augmentation and breast enhancement can be a solution for you.


While plastic surgery is a trend all over the world and hundreds of thousands of people go under the knife each year in the US alone, the intervention is not a solution for everyone. However, it is a solution for many people. Whether or not plastic surgery is a good solution for you has been discussed at length above. Before deciding to go under the knife, you should make sure to ask yourself whether the surgery would really help you feel good about yourself.