Increased self-esteem after breast enhancement surgery


The aesthetic features of the female breasts have remained an important subject for thousands of years now. Over time, the ideals surrounding the breasts have seen many changes. But one thing that has not changed is the fact that the breasts play a significant role in defining the physical beauty and femininity of women. By modern beauty benchmarks, women with bigger, prominent, firmer, balanced, and shapelier breasts are thought to be more feminine, attractive, and fertile.

The obsession of males and females with the aesthetics of the breasts has put the importance of the breasts above everything else. Celebrities and the media have further inflamed this obsession. Unfortunately, a majority of women don’t get bigger, shapelier, and balanced breasts naturally. Even if they get them naturally, the breasts change over time due to factors like aging, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. These changes result in lower self-esteem in patients. The good news is that there are treatment options available to enhance the breasts and thereby boost your self-esteem.

Linkage between self-esteem and breast features

There is a close association between the aesthetic features of your breasts and your self-esteem. Even though not each and every woman is conscious about the shape of their breasts, the majority do feel embarrassed and experience lower self-confidence when they don’t identify with the modern beauty standards for female breasts.

The breasts signify your femininity, fertility, and physical beauty. They also help to define your overall body outline. Many studies have already found that men are more inclined toward women with aesthetically appealing breasts. There is no doubt that the breasts are the most sexualized area of a woman’s body. The way in which the breasts are shown in the media and films, revered on TV, telecasted in ads, and publicized by celebrities make the breasts the most important aesthetic area of the female body. As such, it is natural for women to feel lower self-esteem when aesthetic flaws exist in the breasts.

Even though the ideals about attractive breasts have changed over time, the trend of having bigger and shapelier breasts is a beauty standard that started in the early twentieth century. The pioneers of bigger breasts and slimmer waists were the Gibson girls. Since then, most women have desired to have bigger and shapelier breasts. When they don’t get them, they experience lower self-esteem.

To cater to the needs of modern women and help boost their self-esteem, breast enhancement procedures were developed. The procedures were refined and improved over time. The bigger boob trend continues to this day, thanks to celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry who continued the trend into the 21st century.

Women who are image-conscious are now under immense pressure to keep up with modern beauty standards. It has now become almost a social norm for women to have bigger and shapelier breasts. Women with aesthetic flaws in the breasts are almost frowned upon in many cultures around the world. This pressure and the associated self-esteem issue compel most women to take extreme steps, such as going under the knife to enhance their breasts.

The good news is that plastic surgery delivers effective and safer outcomes, thanks to the improvements in surgical techniques and technologies. Popular breast enhancement procedures include breast implant surgery, fat transfer to the breasts, and breast lift. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women undergo these procedures to fix the aesthetic flaws in their breasts and improve their self-esteem.

Higher self-esteem after breast enhancement

While there is no doubt that breast enhancement procedures are effective and safe, the question is: do they really help improve your self-esteem? Well, there is a close linkage between your self-esteem and body aesthetics.

Society, media, celebrities, and the ideals surrounding female beauty have created the linkage. It is now a fact that many women experience lower self-esteem due to aesthetic flaws in their breasts. The aesthetic flaws result in lower self-esteem, which in turn affects different aspects of their life. For example, women having aesthetic flaws in the breasts may not be as successful as they should be in their professional, social, and personal life.

Now, what the breast enhancement procedures do is that they help bring your breasts in tune with the modern benchmarks of female beauty. The procedures are carefully developed and keep improving so that patients can safely improve their body aesthetics and overcome their self-esteem issues.

After breast enhancement surgery, your breasts will gradually improve in appearance. If your breasts were previously smaller, they will become bigger. If they were poorly shaped, their shape will improve and be balanced. If they were saggy, the breast lift or breast implants will make them firmer, youthful, and perky.

Breast augmentation and breast lift are effective and popular breast enhancement procedures. They have a good record of delivering reliable and sustainable results. Breast augmentation surgery is performed by either placing implants or transferring fat to the breasts. If your breasts are smaller, you should consider getting implants to make them bigger. On the other hand, if your breasts are poorly shaped, you may consider getting a fat transfer to improve their shape.

On the other hand, the breast lift is recommended for patients who have severely saggy breasts. Mildly saggy breasts can be treated with implants, but if the sagginess is severe, you should consider getting a breast lift. The surgery involves removal of the excess skin and fat from the breasts and tightening the underlying breast muscles. Doing so helps restore the perkiness and youthfulness of the breasts.

After breast enhancement surgery, you will experience improvement in your self-esteem. Your self-confidence will increase, which will help improve your overall quality of life. Since the problems that were keeping you from engaging with life and delivering your best have been resolved, now you will feel more confident and be more productive and successful in your professional life.

It is important to mention that many studies have already found that women with better body aesthetic features are more confident and successful in their life as compared to women with poor body aesthetics. Also, physically attractive women have been found to be more successful in their professional life and make more money. After breast enhancement surgery, chances are you will also be more successful and productive in different aspects of your life.

One of the main benefits of breast enhancement surgery is that the resulting increase in your self-esteem and improvement in your breasts will make your intimate life better. You will feel confident in your personal life and be able to attract better mates.

Analysis of the risks against the benefits and making a decision

While there is no doubt that breast enhancement surgery can improve your breasts’ aesthetics and increase your self-confidence, you should undergo the procedure only as a last option. Breast enhancement surgery is highly invasive and involves incisions. The procedures are traumatic as well. Many people assume that these procedures are simple and free of any risks. Keep in mind that any procedure that involves incisions comes with many risks.

The common risks involve infection, bleeding, seroma, hematoma, poor or abnormal scarring, skin necrosis, blood clotting, implant rupture or leak, incision splitting, etc. If you are considering to get breast enhancement surgery, you must discuss the benefits and risks of the surgery with the plastic surgeon, besides doing your research on the matter.

Keep in mind that not every woman is a good candidate. A good and trusted plastic surgeon will always assess your health history and aesthetic goals to decide whether the surgery can be more beneficial or riskier to you. You should consider getting the surgery only when the aesthetic flaws in your breasts are affecting your self-esteem.

If your self-esteem is not affected and you are doing well in your life, you should avoid getting the surgery. Also, if the risks are higher than the benefits, there is no need of getting the surgery. Make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure before going under the knife.


The appearance and aesthetic features of the breasts are linked with the self-esteem of most women. Aesthetic flaws like smaller, saggy, or asymmetrical breasts can create self-esteem issues for many women and affect different aspects of their lives. Breast enhancement procedures like breast augmentation and breast lift have improved over time and have a good record of delivering reliable, effective, and safer outcomes. After these procedures, your breasts will become bigger, shapelier, and firmer, which can increase your self-esteem.

However, these procedures are not free of risks, which is why it is recommended that patients should get these only when their self-esteem is affected and only when the benefits are higher than the associated risks.