Do I need a breast lift?


The breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that enhances saggy breasts by raising them. The firmness and youthfulness of the breasts play a critical role in defining a woman’s femininity and physical beauty. Saggy breasts are considered to be aesthetically unwelcoming, whereas firmer and perky breasts are among the latest cosmetic trends. Various factors can affect the aesthetics of the female breasts, making them saggy and loose. Chief among these are pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss, aging, and gravity.

If your breasts are saggy, you may consider the breast lift surgery. The procedure involves removal of the excess skin and fat from the breasts, besides tightening the breast muscles and repositioning the nipples. Whether you need a breast lift is one of the most important things that the plastic surgeon will determine during the pre-operative consultation. The breast lift is a major procedure, and you should go under the knife only when you actually need it.

Do you need a breast lift?

During the consultation session, the plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and ask you questions like how the condition is affecting your life. The doctor will also assess your health to determine the level of risks for you. Based on the findings, the surgeon will tell you whether you should go under the knife. Below are the factors that will be considered when determining whether you need a breast lift:

–    Your breasts are saggy

The first thing that the plastic surgeon will look for when examining your breasts is whether your breasts are actually saggy or it just seems saggy to you. Many women undergo breast lift without the need for the surgery. There are also women who are suffering from body dysmorphic disorder, which is a psychological condition whereby the patient is never happy about his or her aesthetic appearance.

The plastic surgeon will make sure you are not suffering from any psychological problems. The doctor will also ask you questions to reveal the cause of the breast sagging. The common causes include pregnancy and weight loss. The surgeon will also take certain measurements of your breasts and check the level of sagging in your breasts. If your breasts are not saggy, then you will be advised to avoid the surgery. On the other hand, if the surgeon finds that your breasts are actually saggy, he will move on to analyze your candidacy against other eligibility criteria.

–    Your nipples are pointing downward

Another important factor that indicates that you need a breast lift is nipples that are pointing downward. If your breasts are normal, the nipples will not point downward. Instead, they will point forward and look firmer, perky, youthful, and sexy. If the surgeon finds that your nipples are pointing to the ground, it is a sign you need a breast lift.

To be youthful and sensuous, your nipples need to point forward and stand perky on your breasts. During the breast lift, the plastic surgeon will also reposition your nipples by removing them and implanting them higher on the breasts. As a result, your breasts look youthful, raised, young, and sensuous.

–    You desire to get aesthetically appealing and youthful breasts

Next, the surgeon will determine whether you desire to get aesthetically appealing and youthful breasts. Some women have saggy breasts and they are okay with it. Such patients don’t need a breast lift. To get a breast lift, you must desire to have firmer and youthful breasts. The doctor will ask you questions to see whether you are motivated to get a breast lift. 

–    Your breasts are poorly shaped

The breast lift not only restores the firmness and youthfulness of the breasts but also reshapes them. It involves tightening of the pectoral muscles and sculpting your breasts so that they can look aesthetically welcoming. If your breasts are not suitably shaped, you may need to get a breast lift.

–    You are experiencing lower self-esteem

The breasts are among the most critical aesthetic areas of the female body. They not only signify your femininity but also define your body outline. Saggy breasts can create self-esteem issues for many women. If the condition is affecting your self-esteem, it is an indication that you need a breast lift.

After the breast lift, you will get a boost in your self-esteem. When your breasts become youthful and perky, it can improve different aspects of your life. For example, the increase in your self-esteem can enhance your professional, social, and personal life. You will feel good about yourself and be satisfied with your physical appearance.

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will ask as to how the breast sagging is affecting your self-esteem and quality of life. You should explain to the surgeon how the condition is affecting you and what you expect the procedure to do for you. Based on the findings, the surgeon will tell you whether you need a breast lift surgery.

–    The benefits are higher than the risks

The breast lift is a major and highly invasive procedure. It involves incisions and excision of the breast tissue and skin. As such, you should consider undergoing surgery only as a last resort and only when the benefits of the procedure are higher than the risks. The risks linked to the breast lift include infection, breast asymmetry, seroma and hematoma, bleeding, blood clotting, skin necrosis, etc.

The surgeon will analyze the risks against your health condition. You must discuss your health condition with the surgeon and share your complete health history with him. If you have any severe health problems, be sure to bring it to the surgeon’s attention. A good plastic surgeon will help you do a risk/benefit analysis and then tell you whether you need a breast lift. The surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits with you in advance of the procedure.

How is the surgery performed?

To help you decide whether you should undergo the breast lift, the plastic surgeon will explain the entire procedure to you. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. After the anesthesia administration, the plastic surgeon will start the procedure by making incisions on your breasts. Different incision types can be used, depending on the extent of sagging in your breasts and your aesthetic goals. For example, if the breast sagging is mild, the incision technique will not result in much scarring. On the other hand, if the sagging is severe, lengthy and more incisions will be needed that can create more scarring.

After making the incision, the surgeon will access the pectoral muscles. The breasts become saggy not only due to poor skin elasticity but also because of weaker and separated pectoral muscles. The surgeon will repair and tighten the muscles. Next, he will reposition your nipples if they are pointing downward and reduce your areola size if it has expanded.

In the final step, the surgeon will remove the excess skin and fat from the breasts. The remaining skin will then be re-draped and sutured and the incisions will be closed. Your recovery will start immediately after the surgery. The first two weeks are crucial regarding your recovery, as your breasts will heal almost 50 percent during this period. However, it will take four more weeks for your breasts to complete heal.

After the surgery, your breasts will be swollen due to the surgical trauma. The swelling will stay with you for many weeks and even months. It will slowly disappear, and the result of the surgery will be prominent. When the final results emerge, your breasts will appear raised, shapelier, and sexy. Your nipples will point forward like the nipples of a teenage girl.

The aesthetic improvements in your breasts will also enhance your body outline. Your body will look shapelier and beautiful. You will even get a boost of self-esteem. However, given that the breast lift is an invasive and traumatic procedure, you should be careful during the recovery period. Do not do physical movements during the first two weeks and take sufficient rest instead. Also, avoid physically demanding activities like jogging, exercises, jumping, etc. for the first six weeks following the procedure.


Every year, hundreds of thousands of women get the breast lift surgery in the US. The procedure has surpassed breast implant surgery to become the second most common cosmetic procedure after liposuction. But not every woman needs a breast lift. Whether you need a breast lift and whether the procedure delivers you the desired results have been explained above. During the consultation session, be sure to ask the surgeon what type of benefits the breast lift has, what are the risks, and how the surgery is performed. The plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and ask you about your aesthetic goals to determine whether you need a breast lift.